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Paint Correction & Polishing

Paint correction [also known as paint cutting/polishing or buffing] is the process of permanently removing below surface imperfections [in or below paint level] from a vehicle’s finish, restoring the true paint color,depth,and clarity, and reflectivity to states which are often better than factory new.

The only way to remove defects in your vehicle’s paint is with the process of paint correction. This means removing defects from the paints surface, smoothing it out to a uniform level across the entire surface.

Once the desired level of correction is complete, fine polishing or jeweling is performed to level the refined surface even further. Paint correction is a specialized process that often involves various stages or steps to achieve maximum results, is by far the most crucial service to achieving a show car shine!

  • Thorough wash and mechanical/chemical paint decontamination to achieve contaminate free paint prior to polishing.
  • Paint thickness is measured to verify parameters for polishing.
  • Multiple stage correction and polishing stages based on customers requirements and paint condition.

From $499


Ceramic Coatings

A Ceramic coating is a innovative modern replacement for the commonly known auto wax. Simply put, ceramic coatings are bonded to a substrate (in this case paint) on a microscopic level. Some brands of coatings are manufactured for enthusiasts while others are made for application by experienced and trained professionals.

The biggest question when considering a ceramic coating: “is it a good investment?”

Done right by a reputable shop, you bet it is. Shinetime has researched and experimented with various brands of coatings and have Authorized exclusivity with Optimum Polymer Technologies Opti Coat Pro and Opti coat Pro +.

Optimum Opti Coat Pro and Pro + are developed and manufactured by Optimum Polymer Technologies in the U.S.A by renowned Dr. David Ghodoussi Ph.D. and Master’s in Polymer and Organic Chemistry. Opti Coat Pro is a hard wearing ceramic clear coat for superior resistance to scratching [9H] and superior surface protection from chemical etching from the environmental impacts.

Opti-Coat has better chemical resistance, scratch and mar resistance, and release properties than any automotive paint protection in use.

Opti-Coat Pro + provides semi permanent protection incredible Hydrophobic properties and an Amazing level of Gloss with a warranty as long as 7 years Opti Coat Pro is a SiC [silica carbide] ceramic coating that bonds to your cars clear coat providing unsurpassed protection. No annual visits required to maintain warranty.

Optimum Opti-Coat Pro from $1095
Opti-Coat Pro + from $1295



The truth is a clean car quite simply runs better! Keeping your car maintained and detailed not only helps its value but raises it. Using the most up to date and efficient professional detailing products on your investment we have mastered – but never cease to learn – detailing techniques to clean any situation.

Extensive use of Optimum no rinse for both the interior and exterior of your car. This eco friendly product is voc compliant and we average less than 2 gallons of water per detail.

Vast array of services available – Exterior, Interior details, Wash and Wax, Clay barring, window cleaning, spot and upholstery cleaning,complete Details,fleets. corporate vehicles, collector cars and your everyday drivers.

From $149


About Automotive Detailing and Paint correction services delivers a high quality concourse level of services to provide the client the desired results whether contracted for a complete interior/exterior detail or a more intense complete paint correction/polishing with an advanced ceramic coating. Exceeding customer expectations is our definition of success. Quality-Service-Results are synonymous with your experience!

My need to detail almost any vehicle I’ve owned or had access too started at a very young age with Hot wheels and slot cars. This passion to make any vehicle look its best and cleanest developed over 30 + yrs ago and continues today with some of the most modern techniques and products available in the world, continual education and an honest passion for my work. I’m David Baptie owner and operator of committed to offering you the client a unprecedented detailing experience!

Customer Testimonials

Audi S4 with Optimum Gloss Coat by Shinetime

I took my Audi S4 to Shinetime to have the Optimum Gloss Coat applied. Although it has never been winter driven, I was absolutely amazed at the paint finish when Dave was done; it truly was better than the day I bought it! I highly recommend Shinetime and Dave.

– Dave Johnstone

Acura NSX with Optimum Gloss Coat by ShineTime

Dave made my 25 year old Acura NSX shine like new again with the help of Optimium Gloss Coat. I highly recommend

– Doug Primeau

Subaru STI after detailing and OptiCoat treatment

Dave totally revitalised the paint finish on my track car! Lots of oxidation from outdoor storage and swirls from quick washes disappeared. OptiCoat on the carbon fibre trunk and wing added great depth to the weave. The interior looked fantastic, which isn’t easy to clean due to the elaborate cage work. Excellent value, and it shined better than it did on day one 14 years ago.
– Stephen Denaka

2019 CRX after detailing by shinetime

My 1990 CRX has mostly original paint, and I couldn’t believe how smooth and glossy the car was after a detail treatment by Shinetime! The care and attention to detail Dave showed my car is greatly appreciated!
– Opal Gamble

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